it’s simple, it’s easy, and you don’t have to do anything

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…but what about you?!

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inspired by a question asked by the Master

it’s easy to state someone else’s opinion. ‘well these people are saying this, while some think this, still others are insisting this…’
yeah yeah yeah, that’s great… but what about you?

gut check time.
put your faith where your mouth is.

that’s the question i find myself trying to answer… who do i say HE is?
with my attitude? my actions? my words?
what about my heart… what’s it saying? how about my head?
i know the answer i would like to respond with… however… it’s not that simple.
i have got to really find out here… self examination time.

really… who does my life say HE is?
some guy i know a lot about because i go to church and read my bible?
my everything… my Savior AND Lord… my GOD?
i’ve got some thinking and some work to do…

but what about you?!

4 years & 4 months

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i’ve been a certified, somewhat apathetic, yet noble barista now for a span longer than my entire shaky high school career. long ago, when i embarked on the journey to become a caffeine swindling, sweet tooth healing, coffee dealer, i jokingly remarked to my good friend, who happened to be my partner in crime (or at least it should be a crime to sell drinks for that much) that we were going to be “barista’s for life!”.

well… unfortunately… Jason if you are reading this, i am breaking the pact.
that’s right, i’m no longer just a barista… now i’m a shift! crazy huh?! not really, but i needed something to blog about.
now i am held to a higher standard at work, and have a greater platform to display Christ on.
and that’s exactly what i intend to do…

still behind the green apron…

who’s the new guy?!

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here’s my top 10 comments i heard this week
10. “oh i didn’t even recognize you…”
09. “get your hair cut?”
08. “what happened to you…?”
07. “NOOOOOO!”
06. “holy crap i thought you were joel!”
05. “i knew your face looked familiar, but i couldn’t tell who you were…”
04. “i thought you guys hired another new person…”
03. “i like it… i just liked your long hair better…”
02. “what, did you loose a bet or something?!
01. “you look 10 years younger, and 10 lbs lighter!”

and then there’s always the blank look on the face… (while they try to think of something witty to say… but can’t think of anything, so they just walk away…)


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relationship – [noun] the way two or more concepts, objects or people, are connected.
shift – [verb] move or cause to move from one place to another, esp. over a small distance
in order to have a romans14 kind of relationship, there must be some shifting involved!
if something we are doing causes someone else to think any less of us, we must stop!
we must make that shift in order to preserve our Christ-like-relationship!

this just in

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you don’t understand
this is not what you think it is
you don’t get it, man
you want to boil it down to show biz

your in-depth research shows:

drop the God, emphasize the beat

i’ve heard that positive pop you dig

i’d rather be buried in wet concrete

take back your free advise

i don’t accept

i will not play those games

God is not a secret to be kept

you don’t understand

i’m not talking multiple choice

you don’t get it, man

if the cross offends you, find another voice

i am not running for office here

i won’t keep it purposely vague

i’ve heard new age life-force trip

i’d rather be dipped in bubonic plague

take back your free advise

i don’t accept

i will not play those game

God is not a secret to be kept

if we keep silent

if we mass defect

these very rocks will scream

God is not a secret to be kept

and would i wash my hands again?

would i deny my savior when

He hung inside the public square?

did not my silence put Him there?

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-inspired by plagues, death, and disobedience-

so ‘mr. evil pharaoh guy’, has caused the entire nation under him to suffer blow after blow from GOD. after nine devastating plagues, the LORD decides to get personal with this ‘great ruler’ of egypt.

GOD kills off the firstborn of all the egyptians…  even their firstborn animals [oh snap!]

GOD says the reason HE is doing this is… “so that you’ll know that GOD makes clear distinction between egypt and israel.” [exodus 11.07]

israel is the LORDs peeps… his homies… uh… how do you say… el friends-o de LORD-o 
GOD wanted there to be a clear contrast between HIS people and… well, not HIS people
ah, finally… the point!

we’re not supposed to ‘fit in’ and look like everybody who doesn’t belong to the LORD
no no.. for us it should be quite the contrary…

we should be set apart. 
remember, we’re made for heaven!

keep the impersonatin’ up to these guys!